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This Glitter Mask Is Pampering At It’s Most FABULOUS

At first glance you might just think that this was a photo of a girl heading off to a music festival. #glittergalore

But in actual fact, this face painted with glittery goodness is actually a new product coming from the company GlamGlow and it's a FACE MASK!!

That's right, no longer do you have to look like you've caked your face in mud or stay away from snapchat when trying to clean out your pores and get rid of those nasty pimples.

In fact you'll actually want to be snapped in your GlamGlow mask that's so glamorous it's filled with glitter and stars. Just look at that SPARKLE!!

It's aptly called the #GLITTERMASK and it's a new edition to the company's famous GRAVITYMUD firming treatment collection.

Unlike some other unique beauty products that end up being more of a gimmick than actually beneficial to your skin, this treatment apparently works really well leaving your skin feeling tighter and more defined after use.

And if you're worried about the glitter making your skin worse off, GlamGlow is telling us not to worry because their #GLITTERMASK is made with the highest quality cosmetic-grade glitter available, similar to that used in makeup.

To use the mask, all you have to do is scoop the gel out of it's container and apply a thick layer to your face (avoiding the mouth and eyes!). You leave the mask on for around 20-30 minutes and once it's dry, you peel it off. And voila! Your skin will be tighter and brighter.

But unfortunately it's not available quite yet! If you want to add some sparkle to your beauty routine you'll have to wait until the product is released on the GlamGlow website from December 1st.

The #GLITTERMASK will set you back $69 but that's just a small price to pay to look this fabulous all while taking care of your skin.

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