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This 22-Year-Old Looks UNRECOGNISABLE After Losing 76KG

22-year-old fast-food junkie, Andy Albertson, has lost more than 76KG in less than a year after becoming "tired of being fat."

Andy weighed 139KG a year ago when he reached a turning point in his life and decided to do something about it. 

According to Mirror, the “fast-food junkie” was bullied through school after piling on the kilos from the age of 11.

“I think I first became aware of my weight in fifth grade. That’s when the bullying started and continued throughout school.

"I knew I could no longer keep up with my teammates and eventually dropped out of soccer and baseball."

January 2015 was when Mr Albertson, from Texas, reached breaking point of the daily struggles of obesity.

He started going to the gym and less than a year later his weight plummeted.


Mr Albertson admits he used to skip breakfast then eat fast food for lunch - his favourite meal being a seven-piece fried chicken meal with fries, biscuit and a large soda.

He would then eat a "typical Southern home-cooked meal" or have more fast food for dinner.

But now he eats between five and six small meals per day and does three days a week of weight training and one hour of cardio daily. 


Since transforming his lifestyle Andy said his entire attitude towards his 

body has changed.

He said: "I am so much stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally than I have ever been."

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