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Think This Denim Jacket's Ridiculous? Check Out The Pricetag

Denim jackets are back in trend at the moment, years after THESE two almost killed off the look for good with this shocker....


The less said about that the better. 

But now comes a new take on denim that may see the classic jacket pushed to the back of the closet again for a few more years....


No, this is not a joke.

Net-A-Porter now has these jackets with ridiculously long sleeves available on their website claiming:

“Y/Project’s denim jacket is designed with dramatic long sleeves - the brand’s exaggerated silhouettes are favoured by style influencers like Chloë Sevigny and Gigi Hadid.

"Wear yours with the arms pushed up, letting the cuffs of a crisp white shirt peek through.”

And then comes the real kicker, they are asking for $730 to buy a jacket that may actually trip you up when wearing it.


Looking more like a fashionable straight jacket or something that Mr Tickle would have in his wardrobe, we're not sure that this new trend is going to take off.

But then again, we didn't think people would buy Crocs so what do we know?


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