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The Toilet You Should TOTALLY Avoid In A Public Bathroom

Do you have a preferred toilet stall you use when going to the bathroom?

We bet we can pick it based on your sex!

According to science and NY Mag, if you’re a man – chances are you’ll pick the toilet or urinal CLOSEST to the bathroom door.

And if you’re a woman? You’ll always try to score the toilet FURTHEST from it.

Based on this info, we have one piece of advice if you’re looking to find the cleanest toilet.

Do the exact opposite!

So if you’re going to the men’s room, take a walk down to the end. In the lady’s room, take the first toilet you pass.

But if you really want to avoid the germs, we have some bad news.

Because there really is no avoiding it when you consider the fact that only 56 per cent of us even bother washing our hands every time.

Or the fact that those who do, only 5 per cent are thorough enough to kill the germs.

And even if you do wash your hands, that soap dispenser you’re using is pretty much guaranteed to be covered with faecal and coliform bacteria.

Gross, gross and more gross.

We think we’ll just hold on from now on.

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