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Signs That Led to This Woman Discovering She Had Cancer

New Zealand-based mum Kylie Haack, 31, had a wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl to focus on in 2017.

What she didn't count on this year was being diagnosed with cervical cancer after an overdue pap smear.

'I received a call from my nurse stating that the doctor wanted me to come into the clinic to discuss my results. 

‘the doctor said I can't give you any information over the phone, however, your results show you have abnormal cells,'' Kylie wrote on her blog.

After travelling a few hours out of her way with her father and daughter in tow, Kylie sat down at the clinic to hear the news.

'As I sit there she starts to inform me that my smear test results have indicated an epithelial cell abnormality that's consistent with adenocarcinoma in-situ.

'That means that I have the early stages of cancer,' Kylie continued.

'That's the scariest part: I had no idea that I had cancer,' she wrote.

Until the diagnosis was confirmed Kylie had brushed aside particular symptoms that were related to the cancer as her body moving on from pregnancy. 

The changes to my body were specifically to do with my periods, yet I had no idea that anything was wrong. 

'I figured that after having a baby my body was just taking some time to get back to normal. I’d been on the pill for over 15-years which meant it was hard to tell if my periods were normal or not,' she said.

The 31-year-old wants to use her blog as a way of warning other women about getting regular check ups. 

‘Guess what cancer – just a heads up, I'm tough. Good luck trying to take me down,' she wrote on the blog.

Kylie is still awaiting for her results but promises to update her followers on the cancer journey as it continues.

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