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The Dry Shampoo Tip That Changed EVERYTHING!

For many girls, dry shampoo was a major beauty game changer.

Hours spent getting ready magically transformed into 5-minute spritz-and-brush and life was good again, knowing that oily hair didn’t equate to a two-hour wash, blow-dry and straighten regime any longer.

However, for some girls, the sheen of dry shampoo is wearing a little thin - and it’s more than likely because you’re not doing it right.

According to an article on Vogue, there are a few things we’re doing VERY wrong.

Firstly, we need to spray and leave it for two minutes.

Two minutes is literally what’s needed to allow the product to absorb all of the excess oil - so allow enough time!

Secondly, spray your dry shampoo BEFORE you go to sleep.

This will stop your hair getting OILIER overnight and creating even more of a headache in the morning.

Then you can add a little more in the morning.

You are WELCOME!

Source: Vogue

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