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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherry Juice

Do you have trouble sleeping and have tried umpteen different remedies to try and get some more shut-eye?

Well, according to a new scientific review, the solution to your sleeping woes may simply be to start drinking cherry juice!

It's been found that if you drink Montmorency tart cherry juice an hour before you go to bed, it may actually help you sleep for an extra 84 minutes! 

In a trial conducted on eight insomniacs, researchers found drinking the juice before hitting the hay helps prevent the build-up of chemicals in your brain that are linked to poor sleep.

It was also found drinking cherry juice cuts down on inflammation which is a risk factor for insomnia.

The research found it also helped reduce blood pressure.

People who drank 60ml of cherry concentrate, diluted with water, saw their blood pressure drop by 7 per cent within three hours.

This slashes the risk of having a stroke by 38 per cent or contracting heart disease by 23 per cent. 

Daily Mail

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