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Take your cat swimming... (kinda)

An Aussie company has come up with the genius idea of putting your favourite pet on your favourite beach threads.

"No dogs on beach" signs be damned!


Petflair is a Sydney based trio of pet lovers are offering 3 styles of women's one piece swimsuits and 1 style of men's swimmers, as well as bags, towels and stickers, for you to upload and stick your favourite doggo or moggo onto.

And Petflair supports a charity called Pound Paws, also founded by one of the trio, which connects wannabe pet owners with abandoned animals on death row in animal shelters.

Thanks to a heap of international press coverage, the Kickstarter has already more than doubled its goal and is still open to backers if you want a cozzie of your very own.  You can find more info here.

The only problem I can see is if you have a territorial pupper and they see you with a picture of another animal on your butt.  Might lead to some awkward moments down at the clinic?

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