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Surprising Contact Lens Mistakes You’re Definitely Making

Although wearing glasses is fashionable right now, a lot of people still prefer to wear contact lenses.

They're convenient, you can play sports and live an active lifestyle without worrying about keeping your specs on your face, and for many people - it's nice to pretend that you can actually see the world naturally.

These tiny little wonder discs are supposed to make life easier, but it's super easy to make mistakes with your lenses that can cause serious damage to your eyes. Let's not forget about the girl who went blind after leaving her lenses in for SIX MONTHS!

Here are some common contact lens mistakes that could be hurting your eyes...


If you're in a rush and struggling to find your bottle of solution, it's tempting to just use last night's leftover lens solution. Just because the solution in your case looks clean, doesn't mean it is. According to eye specialists, this is like wearing a pair of dirty underwear the next day. Just gross. 


We've all done it. Let's face it, after a big night out or an exhausting day, scrambling around to take your lenses out isn't convenient.

You shouldn't wear your contacts for more hours in a day than recommended, and you especially shouldn't sleep in them (the only exception here is if you have the type that are specifically meant to be worn while you sleep). 

According to eye specialists, even if you snooze in your contacts for just one night, it increases the risk of complications that can permanently impact your vision. 

swimming in your contact lenses 

Summer is nearly here and this fact about contact lenses is killing our poolside vibe...

If you're a surfer or just into swimming at the local pool, it can be super difficult to do your thing with blurry vision! Wearing glasses in the water = a total nightmare.

According to eye specialists, “there is a lot of bacteria in water, whether you're swimming, in a hot tub, or just hopping in the shower. And because your contacts can trap bacteria against your eyes, wearing them makes you more prone to getting an eye infection if you're exposed to bacteria in the water.”

dealing with contacts after makeup

The order in which you address your contacts and makeup can seriously affect the health of your peepers. To prevent makeup residue entering your eyes and causing uncomfortable irritation, you'll need to put your contacts in before applying makeup and remove your contacts before removing your makeup too!

re-wetting lenses with substances other than contact solution

In a pinch have you ever run out of contact lens solution or had an unexpected sleepover and not had any solution on hand? Using tap water or even your saliva (yep, using saliva is ‘a thing’) as a short-term solution is a big mistake. Both carry TONNES of bacteria that could cause severe infection. This is why it's key to always carry contact-friendly eye drops or a mini travel-sized contact lens solution with you. 

In the end, it all comes down to proper care!

Have you ever had a contact lens disaster?

Source: Bustle

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