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Sex Robots Have Revealed EXACLY What Men Look for in A Woman

A US-based sex robot manufacturer has revealed details about what their clients want when it comes to a robot lover.

True Companion, the company behind the robots, revealed to Sun Online what features make their ‘customers tick.’ Everything from hair colour and body shape right through to their personality.

When ordering one of these, $12,000, robot dolls, you get to pick what you want your lover will look like and, robot engineer, Douglas Hines, has revealed the features that are popular.


He said: "Dark brown hair is very popular, the eye colour blue is very popular.

"With the skin tone, people seem to prefer tan, which is a nice, very warm kind of skin tone."

According to Sun Online, the engineer added that customers are often after a busty 'bot with a fuller figure and the horny punters are keen on make-up.


"Bright red lipstick is very popular alongside a thin touch of eyeliner," Douglas said.

He added: "I guess if you're going to have a companion with you, you want her to be as spicy as possible."

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