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Mother Proudly Shares Her Post–Baby Photos to the World

Mother-of-four, Stevie Niki is urging woman to stop making comparisons and to simply celebrate what they have, post-baby.

Woman are quick to compare their recovery and post-body figures with other mothers so the Australian mother and blogger at My Tribe of Six has taken to her Facebook page to encourage women to start being kinder to themselves.

Along with a photo of herself she wrote; ‘I often get remarks thrown at me like "You're soo skinny" or "You can't tell you've had four kids",'

'My first thought is "Well, you haven't seen me naked" and it's true - they haven't (thank God).

'But honestly, people often underestimate clothing and its ability to "cover" things up, but by no means am I trying to hide my "mum tum". No, I totally embrace it because it has done amazing things (like grow and house four kids).'


'You may look at me and think that it doesn't look like I have had kids but that's because you can't see the saggy deflated skin and scars left on my tummy after it stretched to accommodate my growing babes or that my WHOLE body is riddled with stretch marks,' she continued. 

'No amount of exercise, or creams will fix it - nor could it have been prevented (trust me, I tried it all...sometimes it just comes down to genetics).

'And that's fine because I am a big believer in embracing our bodies and what they can and have done for us.'
Stevie said it makes her sad to think that women are 'looking at others and comparing themselves'.  

'Unless we have been and are on the exact same journey in life as the next person then how can you compare? You simply can't,' she said.

'Embrace your bodies Mamma's and never compare or make assumptions about another because the fact is, you really have no idea.

'Be kind to YOU.'

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