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How Breastfeeding Saved A Young Mum’s Life...

A little boy has been praised for saving his mother's life after alerting her to a potentially deadly cancer. Little Teddy's 26-year-old mum was more focused on breastfeeding her newborn then picking up on the tell tale signs, when the newborn did something amazing.

After picking up breastfeeding naturally, six months on the little boy began to have visible adverse reactions to his mother’s right breast. Puzzled, the young mum decided to investigate and screening later revealed she had cyst in her right breast.

Despite doctors claiming it was benign, Sarah wasn’t convinced. She trusted her small son's instincts and believed her baby was rejecting the milk because it tasted different due to the affected breast.

The little boy’s hunch was right! The mum of one was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer just days later.

Nobody can say for certain whether it was Teddy," Boyle told BBC. But I know that if it wasn't for him then this time next year, it could've been completely different if I'd listened to doctors. Instead I listened to Teddy. [It's] because of him that I'm now being treated."

Talk about a special bond between mother and child.


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