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Here's Why You Shouldn't Grunt When You Poo

Medical experts are now warning that grunting on the toilet could actually be counter-productive.

Two Danish doctors claim that around a third of people in the country are loo-grunters - but it may not be doing anything to help.

"Basically it is all about pressure," Jan Fallingborg, a senior consultant at Aarhus University Hospital's gastroentorology department, said.

"That pressure decreases when we let air and noise out of our mouth.

"Therefore the release of forced sounds should have the opposite effect."

And Gerd Johnson, another expert with close to 33 years' professional experience with constipation, agreed.

"Pushing sounds have no correlation to helping release," he added.

But if you enjoy noisily evacuating your bowels, don't worry; there is one sort-of benefit to grunting.

"It could be that grunting may give a sense of psychological satisfaction," Fallingborg said.

The more you know!

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