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Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Achieve Long Luscious Locks

In a world with so much pollution, bad hair care routines and cheap products it’s no wonder some of us get frustrated with the quality of our hair.  

Many women have even resorted to hair extensions in a bid to fake it till they make it! However, they can be pricy and in some cases can cause more damage then they’re worth.

Another alternative is to start taking better care of the hair you have. 

Begin by analysing what hair type you have, paying particular attention to what’s going on with your scalp.

Although the ends of your hair may be dry from colouring your locks, if the roots and scalp are greasy then that’s what you need to fix first. 

The same can be said if you are experiencing dry skin that flakes around the scalp area. Treat this first.

In order to do this you should buy products specifically designed to treat the scalp area. Invest in a GOOD anti-dandruff shampoo if needed or a clarifying product if grease is your problem.

Once you’ve addressed the issues at the root of the problem (literally!) it’s time to move on to scalp massage. This stimulates the blood supply around the hair follicles which will in turn encourage hair growth.

Plus it feels AMAZING.

And last but not least try to avoid showers that are too hot, They can lead to the dehydration of your scalp which will just undo all the hard work you’ve put into getting it in top shape!

It won't happen overnight, but by following these three simple steps to achieving a healthier scalp you’ll be well on the way to longer, healthier and stronger hair.

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