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Everyday Items That Are FILTHIER Than Your Avg Toilet Seat

Germs are a fact of life, we couldn’t survive without them and not all of them are harmful. However, there are some everyday items that could make you sick if you don’t clean them from time to time.

You're never going to look at these everyday items the same again! 

Quite surprisingly, it’s not the toilet that is the dirtiest item we touch every day. 

THESE are some of the worst:


We all know our handbags are a haven for miscellaneous junk – plastic forks, tampons, old lipstick, receipts, the works! 

Fun fact: studies have shown that the filthiest item in the average handbag is a bottle of hand cream.

According to Metro, new research has shown that there are 10,000 different bacteria present in just a few square centimetres of most handbags.

This makes them dirtier than your average toilet seat. Given how often they’re on the floor, this should come as no surprise.

Leather handbags are the absolute worst, as their porous surface provides the IDEAL breeding ground for germs.

Next time you’re out for dinner and someone puts their handbag on the table, you have every right to throw them some shade!

mobile phones

According to Live Science, cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats, so it shouldn't be surprising that a man in Uganda reportedly contracted Ebola after stealing one.

‘While toilets tend to get cleaned frequently because people associate the bathroom with germs, cell phones and other commonly handled objects — like remote controls— are often left out of the cleaning routine’

Speaking of toilets, you’d probably be lying if you said you didn’t use your mobile phone on the loo.

The activity of choice used to be reading a book or the newspaper, now most of us just whip out our smartphone to play Angry Birds or swipe away on Tinder. 

Most bathrooms are covered in bacteria from the intestinal tract - mostly from faecal matter. Whatever you touch in the bathroom is going to transmit tiny bits of faeces onto your fingers.

Say no more!

steering wheels

The average steering wheel harbours nine times the bacteria found on a toilet seat.


According to ‘Eating in your car and applying makeup, sunscreen and hand cream contribute to a filthy steering wheel, but mostly the germs are down to the fact that we don’t wash our hands regularly enough.’

If you think about how often you touch something public before driving – ATM machines, shopping trolleys, petrol pumps, door handles – it makes sense. 

Sanitizer wipes all the way people! 

What's your go-to cleaning tip?


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