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Dr Pimple Popper Is Back Again And We're So Sorry In Advance

It's been a while since we brought you a cracking little number from Dr Pimple Popper, so you're very welcome.

The legendary dermatologist is at it again, this time taking on a back cyst of mammoth proportions, and being her usual chill AF self about it.

It begins with, as always, a few injections of numbing fluid and some kind, reassuring words from Dr Sandra Lee, before she rolls up her sleeves, grabs a scalpel and goes to town on her patient's back.

And then she squeezes it; holy heck does she squeeze it. And it doesn't stop! It's thick and cheesey and we're sorry.

After using a tweezers to thoroughly scrape out anything that may still be lurking inside, Lee neatly stitches her now-cystless patient back up and sends him on his merry way, probably wondering how anything in his life will ever measure up to that experience.

If you somehow made it through the sneak peek in the link above, you can check out the whole, 20-minute video below.

Fair warning, though: You'll probably never be able to eat aioli again.

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