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Dentist Opens Patient’s Mouth, Finds ACTUAL Maggots In Teeth

WARNING: This article contains graphic content.

It’s Halloween time and we are living for all things spooky and terrifying but this story is downright frightful!

Heading to the dentist is never on top of someone’s to-do list, most likely because it can be intimidating and traumatising to look at all the foreign steel appliances that will go straight into your mouth. However, it may have been the dentist who was traumatised in this particular dentist visit.

A viral video has gone up that shows a dentist peeling back the lips of a woman believed to be from India, to discover a writhing mass of maggots in her eroded gum tissue.

If you can stomach it, watch the clip for yourself:

An official diagnosis has not been stated but it has been strongly suggested that the patient is suffering from oral myiasis, which is literally fly disease! For those not familiar with the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain Myiasis to be an infection of fly larva that usually occurs in tropical and subtropical areas.

Hopefully this patient will receive the treatment they require to overcome this condition.

I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly feeling the urge to rush off to the dentist for a deep dental clean!

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