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Spot What's Wrong With This Optical Illusion Cat-Eye

If you - like us - struggle to perfect a cat-eye eyeliner, you're probably going to feel even more inferior by the time you get to the end of this.

Because @DahliaCreates has not only nailed a flawless flick, but she's done it BACKWARDS - and it's freaking us out.

"Just tell me what to do and I'll do the opposite," she captured the post, which has been double-tapped thousands of times.

In case you're interested, Dahlia used Maybelline's INSANELY epic gel liner for her razor-sharp look, which seems to have sent her followers into as much of a tailspin as it has us.

"This is tripping me out so hard," one commenter wrote, while a second added: "Mindf*ck."

If you're not already following the 18-year-old on Instagram, take this chance to sort that out; she is unbelievably talented, and we're dying over that glitter lip.


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