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The Heartbreaking Moment This Mum Died To Save Her Son

 When pregnant woman Karisa Bugal went into the hospital for a routine C-section, things took a terrifying turn.

Karisa had an amniotic fluid embolism - a rare childbirth emergency in which amniotic fluid or other debris enters the mother's blood stream via the placental bed of the uterus and triggers an allergic-like reaction.

Many mothers do not survive this medical condition, which causes all of the organs to shut down.


Before Karisa's diagnosis, doctors noticed her unborn son's heart rate began to dip and that the baby's life was at risk.

It was then that Karisa had to choose between a cesarean with anesthesia, that could save the baby and kill her, or have a cesarean where she was awake, which could save her and kill him.


According to her doctor,  if she stayed awake from her surgery “by the time we would have put in a spinal tap or something it’s possible Declan would not have made it,”

Karisa made the ultimate sacrifice and chose the fastest option that could save her baby boy - surgery with anesthesia.

Putting her child first by giving him the best chance of survival, would be the last decision she made.

After the surgery, Karisa asked how much her baby boy weighed, then passed away.

This Mother made the ultimate sacrifice. Her son may grow up without his birth mother, but he will go through life knowing that she gave her life for his.

Source: Little Things

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