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17-Year-Old Aussie Schoolgirl Loses 60 Kilos In ONE Year

Josephine Desgrand has proven that nothing is impossible, after she lost a whopping 60 kilos in one year, in time for her school formal.

For as long as she can remember, Josie has been bullied for her weight, now the Hervey Bay High School student from Queensland has hit back at the haters, and showed them what she’s capable of.


Tipping the scales at 120kg at her heaviest, Josie now weighs in, 12 months later, at just 60kg - just in time for her formal.

Josie told the Daily Mail she lost the weight ‘naturally’, through diet and ‘minimal exercise.

‘I hated myself and the way I looked. I didn’t have any friends and I just didn’t like going out in public,’ she said.


‘But now my confidence has skyrocketed. I’m the lead in the school musical and found the perfect dress for my formal next month. I don’t have to wear a plus size.’

She explained that her efforts were achieved by a combination of strict dieting and light exercise, something some found surprising.

She revealed in order to lose the weight she cut out carbs and sugar. ‘Before losing weight I would constantly eat bread and wraps, ate huge portions and went back for seconds and thirds all the time,’ she said.


Before this, she figured her only option was having surgery. Josie revealed she’s now doing things she never thought she would at 120kg, like travelling around Europe with her boyfriend after school finishes.

Best of luck with your formal, Josie!

Source: Daily Mail

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