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Wine In A Can Is Apparently The New 'Thing'

This takes 'cracking open a cold one' to a new level...

Wine in a can is being touted as the 'in thing' this summer and reactions have been mixed. 

The head of Dan Murphy, George Radman, says sales of canned wine are on the rise.  

"Our customers have embraced wine in a can due to its convenience. These products are lighter, typically less expensive and more portable than bottled wine." 

Pictured below: 2 fun loving gals, hating their lives, pretending to enjoy the rank beverage.


The Rosè has had to be adapted slightly to avoid a metallicy taste, as Tailored Beverage Group director Dylan Alexander explains. 

"Carbonation has changed the flavour a little bit. It takes out a bit of fruit so the wine we started with was quite sweet,” Mr Alexander said.

“It’s only slightly carbonated, somewhere between a champagne and moscato.”

Would you be willing to give it a try?

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