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Will It Really Be Christmas If We Don't Have Prawns?

We all know that one of the joys of Christmas time is indulging in our favourite yummy foods, and near the top of the list around Australia when it to a summer treat is prawns!

But now, seafood lovers are advised to stock up ahead of an expected shortage this festive season.

Queensland Seafood Marketers Association president Marshall Betzel says supplies are “pretty tight” and prices for large sea-caught tiger and king prawns could be around the $40/kg mark by Christmas.

He said the demand from Chinese buyers and ongoing import restrictions was causing the price surge.

“The overall message is don’t leave it to the last minute to go shopping for seafood for Christmas,” he said.

“The prudent buyer should be looking at buying prawns today. Prawns snap-frozen on the boat come up a treat when thawed out so you could be buying them and putting them in the freezer until Christmas to make sure you don’t miss out.”

Mr Betzel said king prawns may be the best value prawn to buy at the moment.

“They are not predominantly an export product so would probably be the best source of supply into the Queensland market for prawns this Christmas, but there won’t be a cheap product around this year,” he said.

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