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Why We'll Be Steering Well Away From Coca-Cola's New Flavour

Over the years there's been plenty of Coca-Cola flavours to tickle and tantalise our taste buds. 

Whether you want diet or sugar free, a squeeze of lemon or the sweetness of vanilla. 

Then a range of limited time only flavours. 

But this one has got to be the strangest yet. 

For the function of the new flavour in Japan, labelled Coca-Cola Plus, is not about the taste. 

And for the record it is apparently VERY, VERY POPULAR. 

Coca-Cola Plus is packed with dietary fibre so, uh, you remain... regular... 

Each 470ml bottle contains five grams of indigestible dextrin. 

Even weirder - the drink has been labelled a health food as the ingredients allegedly are capable of suppressing fat absorption.

Would you try it? 

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