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Um, We've Been Cutting Cake The Wrong Way This Entire Time

We're sorry to be the ones to tell you this, but your whole life is a lie.

Chances are that you've cut at least one cake a year since you were about five years old - and that's just birthday cakes! That's not counting midweek after-dinner chocolate fudge cakes, Saturday morning tea Victoria sponges or Sunday arvo almond tarts.

But a mathematician (of all people) is here to tell you your slice-and-serve technique is all wrong and that, actually, there's a much smarter way to cut and preserve a cake.

Alex Bellos says that, by dividing your cake into triangles, you're leaving two sides of the cake open, which means your delicious baked good is quickly on its way to becoming stale.

Instead, he explains, you should cut a round cake straight down the middle to create one, long slice to further portion up.


Then you just have to push the cake back together and wrap a rubber band around it to seal it all back up and preserve the freshness.



Also, just saying, this technique is going to prevent that super awkward moment when you're trying to equally portion up a birthday cake while everyone's watching and you can't quite get it right.


We're gonna look so smart.

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