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This Woman Chops Her Food With Her Teeth And Then Cooks It

I think I might be sick. And not because of something I ate, but because of something one woman ate.

You see, a woman has gone viral because of the bizarre way she prepares her food. It’s not with your normal utensils, you know, a knife or a grater, or a whisk… she preps all of her food before cooking, with her teeth.

Yep, chunks of celery and tomato are bitten off, sliced with her teeth, and then dropped into the bowl.

She even saves on having to buy a whisk, as she scrambles the eggs in her mouth before spitting them into the bowl, ready to be cooked.

No, you’re not the only person gagging at your screen right now.

Try and get through the first 30 seconds, if you can…

Credit: JDR Motorsports and Nathan C

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