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This Tea Changes Colour Like A Mood Ring And It's Magical AF

Do you ever get bored of your plain cup of tea? Whether you drink it black or with milk, it's usually not that much to look at.

Nothing like an instagram worthy cup of coffee with some insane latte art...

Well that is until now, because a tea that changes COLOUR, just like a mood ring, has been unveiled and it's so damn pretty!

This tea is called 'Blue Voodoo' and though it sounds and looks a bit magical, it actually works with our good old friend, science.

It comes from a tea leaf known as 'Butterfly Pea Flowers' and it pours out of the teapot in a bright blue, but then changes to a majestic shade of purple when lemon is added to it!

Apparently, these special tea leaves are sensitive to acidic liquids such as those found in lemons and this causes the colour change.

And what's even better, it doesn't just look good but it's good for you! This tea created by the company Yumchaa is anti-aging and it has immunity boosting properties.

So if you're looking for something to brighten up your next tea party or just your early morning cuppa, then this is certainly the drink for you!

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