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This Sydney Restaurant Is Selling Burgers Using Donkey Meat

In the past few years there has been a big trend in creating extravagant, over the top burgers...things like giant triple deckers that a bear would struggle to finish, and just recently a burger that you dip in melted cheese...but THIS is next level!

A Chinese restaurant in Manly Vale in Sydney's northern beaches is selling a burger made using donkey meat.

The Huoshao King restaurant has only recently added the dish to it's menu and it's got people talking.


Speaking to The Daily Telegraph manager Yanyan Xiao claims they have been selling around 30 burgers a day.

Mr Xiao said, "Donkey is really very popular in northern China and we come from northern China. It is street food people really like" 

"No one open this business in Australia so we want to try this."

"So many people know some people who want to eat (donkey) and live in Australia so we think there is a huge market here."

Would you try it, or would you feel like a jackass ordering one?


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