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THIS Is Where Jamie Oliver Chooses To Brunch In Sydney

There's nothing worse than going out to a nice restaurant or cafe, having practically starved yourself in preparation for the amazing food you're about to eat, only to be utterly disappointed when the meal you spent half your rent on doesn't live up to your expectations.

So how do we avoid this dissatisfaction? Well you would think that if a cafe gets a celebrity chef's tick of approval, then it should surely be good enough for us!

Well here's the good news, Jamie Oliver has recently visited us here in Australia and chose to eat not one, not two, but THREE meals at one Sydney cafe, meaning it must be UNREAL!

The famous UK chef was pictured having brekkie at the Clovelly Social House Cafe and appeared to be VERY satisfied with his three different dishes.

The casual meal with his former colleagues and friends began with a delightful breakfast beignet and coffee happened to be so good that he raved about it on Instagram saying, "Lovely coffee - so good in Australia!"

His praise continued on the social media platform through the newly introduced Instagram Stories, as he posted a complimentary pic of the cafe's menu with the caption, "Aussies do brekkie best."

Jamie then turned into literally every typical insta user who tries to capture the perfect image for the perfect post by carefully documenting each meal that he and his friends ordered for his followers.

We saw spicy corn fritters, chef's breaky and everyone's go to breakfast at the moment, avocado on toast. He also washed down his delicious meal with a fresh watermelon juice.

Oliver's trip Down Under was sparked by the chef's reclaiming of his own restaurants from the Keystone Hospitality Group.

And as a highly influential man in the food industry, we'll take his word for it and be heading down for a hearty breakfast meal ASAP!

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