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This Freak Packet Of BBQ Shapes Is A Straight-Up Dream

So, imagine opening a box of Shapes only to find only 20 biscuits and the rest just…. seasoning.

To some, it would be an outrage.

For others, it’s a dream.

For one Redditor, it was a reality.

@MadAssMegs posted the anomaly on Wednesday, captioning it: "I got 20 biscuits in my box of BBQ shapes flavouring"

They were so taken by their situation, they later commented that they never thought they “would be able to make a zen garden from a packet of BBQ Shapes”


One commenter suggested the poster use the excess Shapes seasoning on some chicken and pork ribs and to report back on what it was like.

Other comments worth noting:

“The best part of the biscuits! Just lick ya finger, dip it in and enjoy!”

“I'm not even mad. That's amazing.”

“A machine must have malfunctioned during the production process,” to which the original poster suggested there could’ve been a glitch with the flavour-versus-biscuit weight ratio.

And this… which, not gonna lie, were exactly my thoughts when I saw the picture:

“I will swap you a normal packet of shapes for that packet”

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