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This Boozy Tim Tam Shake Is PERFECT For Your Cheat Day

Tim Tams + Booze + Cream = **drooling**.

New Idea Food have come up with a concoction that is sure to make every single gym sesh worth it.

The monster Boozy Tim Tam Shake is for every lover of chocolate and booze combined.

Start by adding two tim tams, 200ml of milk, two shots of chocolate Baileys and two scoops of vanilla ice cream to a blender and then blend! 

Add some crumbled Tim Tams to to the bottom of a (LARGE) glass and cover the rim with choccy sauce and you guessed it, more crushed Tim Tams!

Add another scoop of ice-cream on top, some whipped cream and MORE Tim Tams.

Voila. A Boozy Tim Tam Shake!

See the full video and recipe below.

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