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This Bakery Finds Your Haters and Sends Them a Hate Cake

If the thought of baking your haters a cake is a weird concept to digest then look no further! 

A bakery in New York City is doing just that and it’s becoming rather popular. 

Made from a comment left on Judd Apatow's selfie in front of a bunch of stuffed animals #trollcakes

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Kat Thek’s is the one responsible so these “Troll Cakes” and the 30-year-old says she is enjoying the fact that online trolls are literally eating their own words.

Basically, if a pesky troll is talking smack to you on Twitter, send it to Thek with the troll’s address. For $35, she’ll turn make a chocolate-chip brownie cake with the troll’s comment on top and send it to their doorstep. Thek also sends along the original comment, in case the hater needs a little reminder. 

The cakes are priced between $35 and $60.

Private order. Posted with permission. #trollcakes

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