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This 70s Cookbook Has The WORST Looking Food We've EVER Seen

'Happy Living: A Guide for Brides' was an annual publication that was produced throughout the 60's and 70's as a guide for happy homemakers when it came to decorating, fashion and cooking.

We stumbled across a copy online and couldn't believe the meals that were suggested to keep a marriage happy and healthy!  

Revolting looking fish casseroles garnished with olives, really strange combinations of ingredients and a weird trend for 'rice rings' highlight a time in cuisine that is thankfully far behind us!

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Happy Living: A Guide for Brides
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The cover of Happy Living looks relatively harmless, masking the hidden horrors that lurk within!
The caption for this image is "This photograph shows you how tempting these Hot Corned Beef Tempters really are." We're tempted to stab ourselves in the eye with the miniature pirate swords than eat these!
The book calls this meal 'Creamed Eggs in a Corned Beef Crust' We call it 'Vomit with Egg'
The 'Seafood Loaf' contains tuna, macaroni and possibly salmonella
Seriously what is this? It's just brussel sprouts in some type of weird rice bowl
Again with the rice bowl, this time filled with 'delicious' lamb kidneys! And are they suggesting to wash it all down with some chocolate milk out of a goblet?
And for dessert there's this bad boy called 'The Apple Beef Meat Ring' We have no words
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