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There's A New Trick Aussies Are Doing To Get Free Pizza

A large number of Domino’s store owners have claimed customers have begun to take advantage of a money-back guarantee.

The pizza giant launched a new ‘We Care’ campaign in May before also promoting it’s '100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee' where they offer to replace or refund meals if the product fails to meet expectations.

But some franchisee’s are now complaining there has been a surge of complaints since May, with many of them being false.

'We are happy to pay if there is a genuine complaint, but now the number of complaints have increased more after the campaign, and we can see the history [of the complainant], and you can see a lot of complaints about no reason,' a franchisee told The Age.

Franchisees have also said that customers are now complaining if their pizza is delivered one minute late, saying 'People are taking advantage, it is impacting'.      

The store owners will also be fined if the complaints are dealt outside of the store.

Dominos, however, has said that complaints have not increased following their ‘we care’ initiative.

'Domino's delivers hot, fresh, high-quality meals to millions of Australians each year, and each meal has a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee,' a spokesperson said. 

'We encourage any customer who is not satisfied with their meal to contact their locally-owned store for a refund or remake.

'Our recent changes ensure a customer-focused service - including a 24-hour-a-day social media team - that not only reduces total costs but also lowers the average fee for franchisees.

'Our approach to resolving customer feedback, including the fee structure, was endorsed by franchisees and has been positively received by our customers.

'This is our busiest time of the year, and we've seen no increase related to the change in our processes.'  

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