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The People Are Going Nuts For This ASOS Avocado Floor Rug

If you have an intense appreciation for avocados - but are feeling the pinch seeing that they’re becoming less and less available in Australia, you might enjoy this.

In Queensland especially, Australians are experiencing an avo shortage, with cafes and restaurants paying $89 for a tray of avocados, which is more than triple amount they usually pay.

The bad news? That gets passed on to you.

Not only in cafes, but now supermarkets are charging $6 per guacamole maker.


So in order to get your avocado fix, why not have one smiling up at you from your floor, every day.


It’s a one-off payment of $26, it’ll never go bad and it feels good underneath your feet.


The rug by Sass & Belle is available on ASOS, is textured to reverse - and according to the source ‘is best enjoyed barefoot.’

Roger that.

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