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The Big Change To Your Favourite Soft Drinks

Slowly but surely, Coca-Cola have been cutting the sugar content of some of its most popular products.

Just two weeks ago, Fanta laid off the amount of sugar they use by 30 percent.

You might not have noticed, though, because they’ve been using artificial sweeteners so the taste doesn't change. Sprite, for example, are now adding Stevia (a plant extract.)

Apparently, no one has noticed the difference – or at least it hasn’t stopped anyone from buying – because the company CEO, James Quincey, claims that sales haven’t been affected.

Having said that, in the first 3 months of this year, Coke products dropped one percent in global sales. In a bid to save $3.8 billion by 2019, the soda giant will be cutting 1,200 jobs. 

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