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TERRIBLE News For Gelato Messina Lovers

UPDATE: Apparently Gelato Messina have done this to raise awareness for the lockout laws. Go figure.

It’s an unfair, terrible day today.

In a post that I hope with my whole heart isn’t an April Fools prank, Gelato Messina have revealed that the government is trying to force them to CEASE trading at 7pm EVERY NIGHT.

My heart just couldn’t cope with the rollercoaster of emotions if it turned out to be a joke. 

The reason for the sudden action that will devastate SO MANY late night ice cream lovers?

The good ol’ lockout laws.

‘But there’s NO alcohol there!’ I can hear you cry - well, that doesn’t seem to matter.

In a truly 'nanny state' move, Messina revealed via their Facebook page that due to the ‘influx in foot traffic around Surry Hills and Darlinghurst stores as consumers seek alternative late night entertainment venues outside of pubs and clubs’ police have recognised what they describe as ‘requent antisocial behaviour and overly loud, repetitive music in close proximity to Messina stores.’

What does this mean to you?

Well, potentially you will no longer be able to get your Messina fix after 7pm at night.

If you think this is BEYOND RIDICULOUS, make sure you join the campaign to #KEEPMESSINAOPEN

Due to circumstances beyond our control, and for reasons associated with recent changes in the NSW State Government '...

Posted by Gelato Messina on Thursday, March 31, 2016

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