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Sydney's Getting A Cider Festival & You're Gonna LOVE It

Forget about wine, keep your beer and don't even come at us with spirits; nothing, and we repeat nothing, quenches your thirst on a hot summer's day quite like an ice cold cider.

So you can imagine how frickin' excited we were to hear that an actual cider festival is coming to actual Sydney and we're actually frothing.

The one-day event takes place at The Tudor in Redfern - can you think of a more perfect venue? Didn't think so - and will have sweet, dry and draught ciders for apple-based beverage lovers to get stuck into.

And not just Aussie offerings, either; alongside Young Henrys, Batlow Cider Co, Black Brewing Co and The Hills Cider Company will come Sidra Del Verano, a delicious Spanish cider that'll definitely tickle your tastebuds.

To help line your stomach, you'll also be able to get your hands on presumably delicious pork roast rolls fresh off the spit and pork sausage hot dogs, coming in at a very reasonable $10 each.

Oh, and there's an apple-bobbing competition too, if you fancy looking like an idiot for some free drinks.

The event takes place on Saturday September 2 from 2pm, and tokens are $15 for five tastings or $25 for 10.

See you there?

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