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Study Shows Alcohol And Coffee Are Key To A Longer Life

If people ever tell you that buying your daily coffee or a glass of wine from the bar is an indulgence then just show them the results of this study.

Your defence can now be that you’re actually looking after your body and helping increase it’s longevity after a group of scientists recently declared that alcohol and coffee might actually be the key to living a longer life.

Researchers at the university of California have made the amazing discovery after performing a study on the lifestyles on people aged 90 and over. Their aim was to uncover the secret to living past 90.

Their results found that those people who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee actually lived longer than those who abstained from the substances.

The lead researcher in the study claims that consuming a moderate amount of alcohol, generally speaking 2 glasses of beer or wine a day for men and one glass for women, could lower a persons chance of premature death by 18 per-cent.

In terms of coffee consumption, two cups of the steaming hot beverage a day could decrease a persons likelihood of premature death by 10 per-cent.

Of course, researchers have warned that this does not mean that people should avoid living a healthy lifestyle but basically we shouldn’t feel bad the next time we pour a glass of wine or order a cup of coffee.

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