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Moment Parents Find Spider In Their Daughter’s Grapes

No one likes the thought of coming in close contact with a spider. And so this story is seriously the stuff of nightmares.

Sure when I walk through a spiderweb I think that I can feel the creepy crawly on me for about an hour after. And yes it creeps me out to no end that by the time you’re 35 you’ll have had several spiders walk across your face while you sleep.

But no thought is worse than sitting there innocently eating a healthy snack only to find a massive, hairy, black spider sitting there staring back at you with it’s several beady eyes!!

And this is exactly what happened to a father in Perth after he took a closer look at the Grapes that he had packed for his daughter’s school lunch. Hiding beneath the juicy fruit and the vines was a massive, black spider!

“It was horrible. What is she swallowed it? I mean I did’t know what type of spider it was and I wasn’t prepared to find out,” said Matt Honnor.

“I just kept thinking, what if it was a redback?”

Thankfully, the parents found the spider, which turned out to be a black house spider, before anything terrible happened and they returned the bunch of grapes to the IGA store that they were purchased from.

But seriously, you'd be scarred for life after seeing this moving around in your snack!

Speaking to the Daily Mail, a spokesperson for IGA said that they were disappointed that a spider was found in their produce.

“IGA stores are subject to high standards around food safety and the store checks stock upon receipt as well as having a thorough pest control program in place,”the spokesperson said.

“However, due to the nature of fresh produce in attracting insects we do recommend that customers thoroughly wash items before consuming.”

So here’s a PSA: Check those grapes before you pop one in your mouth next time peeps! You never know what could be hiding in that bunch.

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