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Genius Way To Get Last Bit Of Tomato Sauce From A Bottle

It’s a problem that has been bothering Australian households for decades.

But now an Aussie researcher says he’s found the best way to get tomato sauce out of the bottle.

Hallelujah! No more sticking a knife into the bottle to scrape that last bit of condiment goodness. 

Researcher Dr Anthony Stickland from the University Of Melbourne says the reason the condiment is so hard to pour is because “it is technically a solid, and not a liquid”.

“With tomato sauce, it’s got all of the solid particles of the pulp of the tomato sticking it all together,” he explained to Pursuit.

“And so those solid particles create a network that has a strength to it, and you need to apply enough force to overcome the strength of that network to make the sauce flow.”

He explained that it’s all about applying force to the sauce to push it out. 

Watch his genius demo video here:


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