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Restaurant Posts Unpaid Receipt To Urge Diners To Pay Up

Carlos Cantina, a popular Mexican restaurant in the Melbourne suburb of Croydon, has posted an image of a $326.50 unpaid bill to their Facebook page on Saturday night and urged the diners to do the right thing and pay up. 

The restaurant captioned the post, “To the table of 6 boys that walked out tonight. You forgot to pay. place come back”

The post was then shared over 200 times with people leaving comments saying that leaving without paying the bill was disgusting.

On Sunday, another photo was shared by the Carlos Cantina Facebook page showing that an envelope had showed up at the restaurant with “Sorry we forgot to pay” written on the front. 

Business owner Charles They told Maroondah Leader that, “Judging from the prompt payment, it seems like they had made an honest mistake and they gave us a note apologising,” he continued, “It was still 50 cents short, but I’ll forget about that. I felt really appreciated that they took the time and came back.”

Commenters on the Facebook posts were split over whether it truly was a genuine mistake or if the guys only paid up after being publicly shamed on Facebook. 

Looks like publicly calling out customers trying to dodge a hefty bill definitely works. 

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