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REALLY Bad News For Shapes And Tiny Teddy Fans

News has just hit, and fans of Tiny Teddies and Shapes aren’t going like it.

It seems that your favourite sweet and savoury biscuits are about to change - and not in a good way.

The Herald Sun reports multipacks of BBQ and pizza shapes and Tiny Teddies have gone from having 10 bags to just eight.

Despite it being a 20 per cent drop, the price still sits at $3.99. According to The Herald Sun, that makes it 50 cents a bag, instead of 40 cents.

Multipacks of mini choc chip cookies have gone from having eight bags to seven, but again, the price was not reduced.

An Arnott’s spokeswoman told the Herald Sun the reason the number of packs were reduced was due to energy costs. The company chose to reduce the size rather than charge retailers extra to stock the products.

“As with all business, from time to time it is necessary for us to review the prices of our products.

Recent increases in energy costs mean costs across our Australian bakeries are higher,” spokeswoman Nicky Thomson said.

Luckily it's not TOO bad...

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