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Prosecco Pong Exists For You To Get Drunk In A Classy Way

Have you ever been in the middle of a heated game of Beer Pong and thought, "This is fun but I wish it was classier!"?

Do you find red solo cups cumbersome, and orange ping pong balls off-putting?

Well fret no more because Prosecco Pong exists and it's everything your hen dos, girls' nights and birthday parties have been dreaming of.

Obviously it works exactly like Beer Pong but with a) fancy glasses b) a pink ball and c) different alcohol.

"Add some fizz to the classic party game with our all-new Prosecco Pong gift set, ideal for boozy brunches with friends or summertime barbecues with the family," the game's description reads.

"Simply add a little prosecco and let the fun begin! It's a sparkling gift for just about anyone who loves a glass of sparkling prosecco to celebrate good times."

The set retails for about $25 from The Present Finder, who deliver internationally because everyone around the world deserves to play Prosecco Pong.

You're welcome.

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