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Oak FROZEN Chocolate Milk Set To Hit 140 Stores This Summer

Frozen OAK is no new thing! In fact, the internet went into a total meltdown earlier this year when it was first rolled out in a select few Caltex Star Mart locations in NSW. But here’s the thing… many people missed out on trying the delicious, cold, chocolatey drink due to the limited locations.

If you’re one of the people that missed out, you’ll be happy to hear that the drink is coming back and to way more locations than last time! This time Frozen OAK will be available nationally!

The rollout has already begun with a huge 140 stores offering the drink, including 55 locations in NSW, 33 in QLD, 18 in Victoria, 23 in WA, and 11 in SA.

To make things easier, OAK have set up a dedicated website where you can enter your postcode to find the nearest Frozen OAK location. Find the website here!

No longer will drinking milk in the heat be a bad choice!


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