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Nutella Have Changed Their Formula - But Not All Is Lost

If you are a fan of the delicious choccy nutty spread Nutella then we have some BIG news!

Nutella have confirmed they have changed the recipe, and fans are NOT happy! But Australians fear not - the Aussie recipe remains the same.

Ferrero, who make Nutella, have confirmed the changes after a report by a German consumer group.

The Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre's Facebook page revealed that a jar of the spread now contains 8.7 per cent powdered skim milk, as opposed to previous amount of 7.5 per cent.

In response to the European story, a spokesperson for Ferrero internationally said: “We have recently carried out a fine-tuning in line with the evolution of consumers’ tastes.

"The quality, safety, sourcing and all other characteristics of the Nutella ingredients remain the same.

"The ingredient list can always be found on the jar and on the Nutella website. From a nutritional point of view, all relevant aspects remain similar.”

The consumer association also noted that the colour of the European spread now appeared lighter as a result.

"As the colour of the new Nutella is lighter, we are working on the assumption that skimmed milk powder was added at the expense of cacao," it said.

Also the amount of sugar in each jar of Nutella has increased - rising from 55.9 to 56.3 per cent, according to the association. 

- Daily Mail

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