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Move Over Halal Snack Packs, ITALIAN Snack Packs Are Here

Everyone remembers when the Halal Snack Pack broke out onto the scene and treated our taste buds to the deliciousness of hot chips, kebab meat and a combo of sauces.

No slightly intoxicated person can resist walking past a kebab shop without stopping for one of these greasy bad boys on a night out.

But now, it seems that the legendary food has some pretty stiff competition for everyone's go to snack pack feast, as one genius has created a spin off. And just a warning, you're about to become verrrry hungry.

Meet the ITALIAN Snack Pack.


This new take on the snack pack is the ingenious creation of Enzo's Pizzeria in Melbourne and it is very similar to the original. Except instead of kebab meat on top of the fries you've got rich bolognese sauce covered in a pile of melted mozzarella cheese...

Do you need a napkin for that drool?

Enzo Cucinotta, the man behind this mouthwatering meal said that his customers weren't sure about the idea at first (as if you wouldn't look at this and immediately fall in love?!) but he says that after that first bite, they were hooked!

"Then they're hooked - we get a lot of repeat customers," Cucinotta said. "What's not to love about chips, bolognese and mozzarella?"

Touche Cucinotta. Touche!

Now of course with Enzo's Pizzeria being in Melbourne, not everyone will have immediate access or be able to just run down to their local Italian restaurant and order an Italian snack pack.

But not to worry, this bad boy is about to get a lot of media attention, so it shouldn't be long before the trend starts catching on.

Mamma Mia we are not worthy of something so God-like! But nonetheless, on my way to grab one ASAP...I'm weak.

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