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M&Ms Just Released A Teaser About Their NEW, Secret Product

We know Easter has been and gone and we are all full to the brim with chocolatey goodness.

And we've all probably sworn to ourselves (and our trainers) that we won't go near another skerrick of chocolate, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it, right?

Good, we're glad you agree, because this news is too good not to share!

It seems that M&M's Australia are about to unleash something special, and we're speculating that it's going to be an all new and of course delicious flavour!

In a video posted to the M&M facebook page, the company created a teaser, claiming that "something new is coming" on 24th April this year!!

In the video we see the typical red and yellow M&M's, who feature in most of their ads, lining up in a crowd and waiting to see what all the fuss is about.

Of course, that's all the information we know as of yet, but hey the reveal is less than a week away! And that means less than a week until we have another excuse to stuff our faces with chocolate.


And if they're anything like the crispy M&M's (forgive us for a minute while we daydream about them) we're sure they'll be AH-MAZING!

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