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Menulog Are Opening A Pop-Up Store In Sydney Today

When it comes to our day to day schedules time really is precious, so we don’t want to be wasting any of it. But did you know that Aussies spend over an hour every single day preparing meals instead of doing things like getting more sleep, having me time, or spending time outside?

If you ask us, that’s a bigger crime than the time Shannon Noll came in runner up on Australian Idol!

But luckily, the guys over at Menulog have came up with a solution to give us back this precious hour that we spend worrying about food and they’re actually joining up with Nollsie to do it!

Today in Sydney, Menulog are opening up a 25/7 pop-up store, which is designed to give people back one hour to enjoy the smaller things in life. It will sell ‘ingredients’ that will help Australian’s ‘do life’ while Menulog take care of the food.

For example, the product called ‘Quality Thyme’ will allow people to spend time with friends and family, with the ‘BuzzPops’ product encourages you to call grandpa, before he cuts you out of the will.

Shannon Noll has joined in on the fun, releasing his own products in the store. The ‘What About Tea’ product will let Aussies sit back and relax with a good cuppa while the ‘Car Shine’ product will score you a ride in a Big Black Shiny Car.

And what’s better, you get to do all of these relaxing things for an hour while Menulog takes care of dinner for you!

So instead of writing a shopping list, going to the grocery store or chopping up the food for dinner, you’ll get to relax while Menulog takes care of the hard stuff!

The launch of the Menulog 25/7 store kicks off at 1pm Tuesday 29 May at 374 Crown Street, Surry Hills. And it’s not just one simple ribbon cutting ceremony.

Oh no, Nollsie himself will be down there playing some epic tunes for everyone to enjoy and there will also be FREE PIZZA available from Epic Pizza!

The pop-up shop will continue to be open from 1pm-2pm on Wednesday 30 May and Thursday 31 May.

No need to say ‘What About Me’ anymore Sydney. Menulog have got your back and are treating you to a relaxing hour at their pop-up store every single day!

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