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McDonalds New Sneaky Trick To Help Late Night Drunk Customer

McDonalds has come up with a rather bizarre tactic of combatting late night drunken brawls at their eateries. Some restaurants will be implementing classical music to be played over its speakers during the late hours, after trialling the concept to great success.

A UK store known for its drunken brawls, found it impacted the way drunk diners behaved positively. A McDonald's Australia spokeswoman told it was up to the individual franchise if they'd like to play classical music and not a company policy.

Following violent brawls at a McDonald's in Adelaide which led to jail time for one of the men involved, the concept may be met with open arms.

A McDonald’s UK spokesperson revealed to The Mirror that the music calmed their diners down and made their behaviour more acceptable. “Typically classical music is played from early evening onwards, and in some cases, on certain nights in a small number of restaurants.”

Sounds like a great idea!

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