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McDonalds Leave Aussie Outraged As They Make A Major Change

McDonald's lovers have been left shocked by the fast food chain's latest change to its breakfast menu.

This week, the chain has increased the price of its hash browns from $1.95 to $2.20, an increase of 12.8 per cent.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, an employee has said 'When I was working yesterday, it was $1.95, and it is now $2.20,' they told the publication.

'This would have happened last night [Tuesday].'

Maccas fans have awoken to the news, and some have responded by saying they won’t be going back.

One user said 'This is why Hungry Jacks has our loyalty,'

Another asked: 'How can McDonald's justify a hash Brown now being $2.20 when Hungry Jack's are $1.' 

A McDonald's spokesman has told the newspaper that products do sometimes see a price rise but ‘’We're proud to offer our customers great value, but like all businesses, from time to time we review our prices which may result in slight changes.

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